“Moldzyme® is an amazing product… In 2 hours, with a 32 oz ready-to-use bottle of your product, a nylon scrubby, and my garden hose with a jet power nozzle setting, I cleaned 9 years of moss/mildew from the vinyl siding on the north side of my 40′ wide, 2 story cape-cod house. My house is now pale yellow again and just gorgeous. I also did the concrete porch, foundation and stairs at the same time. The cost comparison is: power washer rental $60.00/4hours, industrial cleaner $5.00 vs. 32 oz bottle of Moldzyme® (retail) $16.95 and scrubbie $1.50. I can’t wait to tackle the basement. Your outstanding customer service representative explained how to clean and fog the basement. The product is environmentally friendly, I saved money, it took less time than going to the movies and the product works. Need I say more?!”

New York

“Just wanted to let you know that… the de-molding operation back in March/April [2006] was an unqualified success. No more musty, moldy odor. That means your strategy worked, as did the product! Many thanks.”

Bill Herriman

I found Moldzyme® on the web, looking for something to help my waterfront home with a sea breeze [think massive humidity] blowing in 24/7. My husband used to say that the papers on my desk were turning to water. One summer, my studio had mold in every color of the rainbow growing in odd places. The backs of paintings had green fuzzy stuff. The ceiling had black spots where the wind had been coming in on the ocean side. White growth was on the back of bookcases. I worked with the cleaning lady to remove all of this with Moldzyme®, and since then, nothing has grown back, for over 2 years. I also was very happy to have an alternative to bleach for my cleaning lady to use, as I am always telling her that cleaning products are dangerous to her health. But the best use I found was in the garden.

Every year I grow about 200 heirloom tomatoes…One year, they all got some bad fungal blight, and were going south fast. My friend said, toss them, before it spreads, you can’t save them anyway, they are goners. I said no, I wanted to do an experiment, and sprayed them with Moldzyme®. The very next day, I could see green new growth, and I did not loose one tomato plant. Since then I have used it for all fungal problems, from root rot to black spot, as a soil drench or a spray, with fantastic results. There is no alternative agricultural product that is not highly toxic. I try and turn on all my gardening buddies to it, especially the rose people. They are all grateful for the info.”

Karen Dean
Onancock, Virginia

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank the good folks at Moldzyme®. After returning from a two week vacation, my wife and I had discovered that a broken water line into our washing machine had caused a flood. There was a moldy smell in the air and mold was visible in several areas of my home. After a mold inspection company had quoted us nearly $30,000 to remove the mold, I discovered Moldzyme® on the internet and figured I’d give it a try. A representative from Moldzyme® explained how to use the product (which was as easy and safe as could be). The end result was that Moldzyme® permanently removed the mold for a total cost of $24.95. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Moldzyme® saved me $30,000 and I just wanted to thank you!”

Kind Regards,
Anthony F. Materia,
Lauderhill, Florida

At Healthy Home Maid Services in Florida, we’ve set a whole new standard by cleaning without toxic chemicals. Mold was a major challenge for us, because traditional anti-mold products contain chemicals that are classified as toxic by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The good news is that during the past year, we tested a breakthrough new product in our clients’ homes. The product is called Moldzyme®. It is Nontoxic. Hypoallergenic. Bio-degradable. Safe. No chlorine, no phosphates, and no petroleum-based chemicals. Bye-bye, mold and mildew. Our clients love this product. No more ugly mold stains on the bathroom grout, or in the kitchen. No more unpleasant odors. It even lasts far longer than bleach and similar products. We give it five stars.”

Healthy Home Maid Services
Orlando, Florida
Tel: 407-869-9037

“I own and operate an air quality/mold remediation business in Randolph, New Jersey, Nofungusamungus, which is specific to the field of mold cleanup. I have been on a rather lengthy pilgrimage searching for the perfect product to service my customers. The search has ended. The Moldzyme® line of enzyme-based products has won “hands down.” Its removal and maintenance of mold/mildew is second to none. The organic-based, natural, and biodegradable formula makes it a win-win situation for me and my clients alike.”

Truly yours,
Anthony Cavaluzzo – Owner of Nofungusamungus
Randolph, New Jersey
Tel: 973-895-1966 or 973-876-1418

“My maintenance crew loves your Moldzyme® Cleaner! It not only completely removed the mold and mildew stains but also the odor, and it hasn’t come back. This product works!”

Bob Emmett, CHA
Red Hills Hospitality Management – Thomasville, Georgia
Operator of Hampton Inn and Quality Inn & Suites

“I ordered your Moldzyme® Mold & Mildew Stain Cleaner to use in our basement, which had mold on the drywall from a small water problem earlier this year. I cannot tell you how amazed and impressed I am with this product. The drywall looks brand new, and the basement no longer smells like a basement. I’m telling everyone I know about this product! Thank you!”

Leawood, Kansas

“…Moldzyme® is great because the room smells like it should again; and we haven’t been experiencing the same sinus problems which we were before we used Moldzyme®. We’ll keep using your product and plan on letting some other people know about it who are also having mold problems – some live here in Long Beach and others live in Santa Barbara right on the coast.”

Long Beach, California

“Just thought you all would like to know we have two huge pots of herbs outside our offices. Everything was dying from some blight. I sprayed them with copper and it did no good. I decided to try the Moldzyme® product. IT WORKED. Even the guys at work are saying how much better the herbs are looking. The rosemary and the other plants even have new growth on them.”

Chesapeake, Virginia

“Thank you for your wonderful product – Moldzyme®. I searched for a product to clean the mold out of a steam shower built with limestone. I wanted to find a natural product but was afraid I would hurt the stone by testing a new product. I am pleased to say that our shower is back in operation and is mold free!”

Nancy R.
San Francisco, California

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